About Robert Hunt

Robert L Hunt is a professional oil painter who uses a master's touch with light and an eloquent and rich portrayal of subjects to bring historical subjects of yesteryear to life in a very authentic way. He encompasses a range of subjects including the Woodland Indians of Colonial America, the American Civil War, and early American explorers and woodsmen. Some of this work hangs in the White House and other National Park Service displays.

However, Hunt is one of the foremost railroad artists in the United States today and his work hangs in many private collections across the country. His railroad and street car oil paintings focus mainly on the history of American railroading with a clear sense of time and place, be it a New England landscape setting, Appalachian Mountain steam railroading from the 1950's in coal country, or Santa Fe passenger diesels in the southwestern desert.

As a realist oil painter, close attention to detail is always present in the art. Moving creatively beyond just the technical and mechanical accuracy in his railroading subjects, Hunt consistently renders artwork showing the romance and interweaving of railroading though the American culture and history.

Life in America would not be the same without its railroads, which has been emphasized for Hunt by living most of his life in one of the East's largest railroad towns, Altoona, Pennsylvania. The city was the mechanical heart of the Pennsylvania Railroad for more than a century and today continues as a large locomotive manufacturing and maintenance shop. It is that ongoing history that runs through Hunt's art work.

Andy Dierks, January 2013